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Portall - Your Shortcut To

Portall - Your Shortcut To

Customer & Growth

Customer & Growth

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You can count on us.

Our mission is simple: we're here to enable mid-sized businesses to shine in their chosen market, fostering success and genuine happy clients.

We are your trusted partner on the journey to sustainable success!

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What You Buy

Growth Acceleration

Rapidly grow your business. We unlock revenue, optimize sales, and position you as a market leader.

Innovation Processes

Fuel innovation with our guided sessions. Ideate, prototype, and stay ahead of industry trends.

Customer-Centric Co-Creation

Co-create exceptional experiences. Improve customer journeys, gather feedback, and fuel business growth together.

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What you get

Unlock Revenue Potential 🌟

Our strategies unlock untapped revenue streams and optimize your sales channels.

Market Leadership 🚀

Position yourself as a market leader with our guidance and expertise.

Exceptional Experiences 🌟

Co-create exceptional customer experiences that set you apart.

Happy & Loyal Customers 😊🤝

Co-create exceptional customer experiences that set you apart.

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Why work with us?

🌐 Market Impact:

Our proven models guarantee results. We don't just talk; we deliver increased sales, industry leadership, and market influence.

🚀 Speed:

We're grounded in reality, minimizing risks to your resources. We rigorously test strategies for tangible, swift improvements.

🌟 Expertise:

Benefit from our extensive experience in Business and Growth Strategies, Innovation processes, and more. We base our strategies on proven, scientifically-backed models.

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About us

Our team

We're a dynamic group of experts with 20+ years of experience and a portfolio of 30+ companies. Our passion is helping businesses thrive through growth, innovation, and collaboration, guided by Dragos, a visionary with over a decade of global experience who has led teams across 13 countries, working with both large corporates and startups.

Proven Success

Dragos is also the driving force behind Design Thinking Society, a company known for its human-centered design approach to business growth in Romania. He brings this expertise to Portall, where we share a commitment to design thinking, risk mitigation, and profitability.

Dragos Gavrilescu

CEO & Customer-Centric Growth Expert

Our Goal: Your Transformation

Our mission is to empower you with the tools and strategies for sustainable business growth. With a track record of 40 projects, 100 training sessions, and 1,500 trained individuals, Dragos and the Portall team are here to guide your transformation journey.

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Revolutionize Your Success

Join Portall on a Journey of Accelerated Growth and Customer-Centric Excellence

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Bucharest, Romania

Barcelona, Spain